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Fighting clichés is like beating a dead a horse. Only time will tell.




GolfWeek magazine, whose slogan is “For Serious Golfers Only,” is the game’s leading digest of news, features, and scoreboards of all professionals, collegians and amateur players from every state. Every other year, it lists the top golf courses by state. Criteria: golf courses people “can play,” meaning, accessibility, affordable fees, conditioning and other related issues.

In this week’s current edition, The Powder Horn is number one in Wyoming, beating out those other guys in Casper, Cheyenne and Jackson.

Number one, indeed. Right here in Sheridan.
Tip of the golf visor to Powder Horn founder Homer “Scotty” Scott, PGA golf professional Todd Bleidner and greens superintendent Jason Busch.


Dept. of incidental info…..
• A research poll conducted in January, according to this week’s edition of “The New Yorker” magazine, said the public’s regard of Congress is “less popular than cockroaches, head lice and colonoscopies. Although it did beat out North Korea, the Kardashians and the Ebola virus.”

• Number of times a president shakes hands in a year?
Pass the Purell, some 65,000 times, according to researchers to the Bush II and Obama presidencies.


The Sheridan Press will publish a celebratory special section Saturday commemorating the Tongue River High School girls basketball team and their recent state championship. They were undefeated as well.


Billionaire financier Warren Buffet was interviewed recently. The reporter asked him the inevitable epitaph question: ‘What would you like chiseled on your tombstone?'”
Buffett replied, “God, he was old!”

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