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SHERIDAN — Sheridan Police were called to City Hall Wednesday afternoon after a disgruntled patron wanted to record a conversation about why the late fees on his water bill were so high. Police mediated the conversation, and no charges were filed.

The police incident report shows the call from Mayoral Assistant Cinder Destefano on behalf of an employee within the city’s utilities billing department occurred at approximately 1:50 p.m.

“When the officers got there, there was a man seated at a table in the hallway, and he stated he was probably the reason we had been called,” Sheridan Police Lt. Chris Dahmke said.

Dahmke said the man appeared at City Hall and was upset that his water had been shut off because of due to payment.

“He admitted he was behind on the bill but thought the late fees were too high,” Dahmke explained.

The report indicates city employees contacted the police when the man took out his cell phone and indicated he was going to record their dialogue.

“They said he didn’t threaten or yell, but were concerned because he brought out his cell phone to record the conversation,” Dahmke said.


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