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January 30, 2017

Fred “Dee” Chez, former resident of Sheridan, went to Our Lord on January 30th at age 87. Survivors are his wife of 59 years, Jonita Chez nee Stith, and younger brother Joe. Dee and Joe are the sons of former Sheridan Football, Basketball and Track coach (in the 1930’s) Fred Chez and his Wife Madge. Dee’s Father coached the Broncs for 9 years, winning 4 State Championships and 4 runner-ups in football. When Dee was 7 and Joe 6, they had a physical where the Doctor used a tongue applicator so he could check their throats. When they got home, Dee decided to play Doctor. They were outside and he picked up a piece of rusty wire and proceeded to “examine” Joe’s throat. In a kidding mood, he pushed the wire further down. Joe gagged and brother Dee bravely grabbed the wire and pulled as hard as he could. Joe began vomiting blood. Dad rushed Joe to the hospital. An hour later the doctor said, “Freddie just pulled out Joe’s tonsils!” Joe visited Sheridan 30 years later with his family of the 17 contacts, 9 first asked, “Now who pulled out whose tonsils?” Dee was an outstanding athlete at Medford High School in Oregon as a varsity starter in football, basketball and track. He met Jonita at Stanford and they attended 7 Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Dee’s ability to speak 5 languages helped in their world travels. He had many fond memories of friends in Sheridan.

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