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October 16, 1984 – July 17, 2017

A Celebration of Life

Brandan Joe Bailey, 32, of San Francisco, California passed from this earth on Monday July 17th, 2017 to be with his Heavenly Father forever more in peace. Brandan was born on October 16th, 1984 to Scotty Joe Bailey and Kimberly Carol Gilkey in Sheridan Wyoming. What a day of great joy this little redheaded bundle brought into our world.  Though Brandan’s journey here on earth was short, he traveled many miles and touched an unspeakable amount of people’s lives.

Brandan gave his life to Jesus when he was 6 years old and loved to hear the stories of the Bible.  By the time he was 8, he was sharing the word of the Lord with all who would listen. There was never a stranger to him, he would stop and visit with anybody.  His heart for the “underdog” was profound; defending those who could not defend themselves and befriending the lonely.

Brandan had an adventurous spirit that took him down so many roads that were less traveled by.  At the age of 10, Brandan decided he wanted to form a roller hockey team-and so that he did.  He started recruiting first with his little brother Gavin and went on to recruit others in the neighborhood.  When he had his team in place with little brother in tow, he went to various community businesses asking for donations to purchase of equipment for the team.  Brandan’s team took 2nd place at the state finals in Casper with Brandan scoring many of the goals that took the victory!

At the age of 18, Brandan was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s B-Cell Lymphoma.  Though a long and challenging time in his life, he pursued his passion to become a Harley Davidson Mechanic by attending Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.  Brandan was top in his class as his adventurous spirit was accompanied by an impeccable thirst and ability to learn.

After returning to Sheridan for a period of time, Brandan’s journey took him to the west coast where he called home.  Though born and raised in Sheridan, home to Brandan was San Francisco, California as he had many fond memories from growing up and visiting his maternal grandparents in San Jose and around the Bay as a child.  Brandan was an avid San Francisco 49ers fan that began at the age of 8 when he first experienced the sensational rush of a live football game and thousands of fans clamoring together with his Grandpa Ventling. From his time playing ball in the little leagues, spending time in an old local boxing club, and skateboarding, Brandan grew up with an exceptional crowd of people including the Chavira family, the Gay family and many others whom he expressed deep gratitude for. Returning home to San Francisco, Brandan met an inspirational and uplifting friend, Joel; what turned into the experience of another true and great friendship.

In 2014, while residing in San Francisco, Brandan faced another life-threatening health condition that required open heart surgery.  After a 4-month battle toward healing and enduring great pain, he was released from the hospital.  Brandan decided to attend Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California to acquire a certificate in Horticulture.  While going to school, living in a small room in a classmate’s garage, he still managed to focus all his efforts toward his education and graduated 2nd in his class.

Being a cancer survivor himself, Brandan had a deep passion to understand the medicinal use of cannabis in treatment of many illnesses. Not long after graduation, Brandan decided it was time for a break in the city and took a Master Grower/Caretaker job on a 180-acre plot in the Mendocino Mountains in northern California where he resided for 6 months.  As much as he loved the city life, Brandan found great joy and peace living in the mountains where he would awake each morning with a beautiful view of Mount Shasta and a breath of fresh mountain air reminding him of his other home, camping, logging, fishing and trekking through the Big Horn Mountains with Papa Ventling.

After visiting family in Sheridan for over another half a year, Brandan returned to San Francisco to succeed himself and in turn, help others to succeed in their life. Brandan spent his last day here on earth fellowshipping with his church family at the Homeless Church of Pastor Even and April sitting on the pier surrounded by friends and reading his Bible.  Brandan will be deeply missed and always in our hearts!  How would one describe Brandan? Compassionate, intelligent, adventurous, free spirited, athletic, kind, loving and humorous.  Brandan’s sense of humor was contagious as he would dance around the kitchen messing with pet pig Oliver or chasing his little nieces as they played tricks on him.  Brandan also had a gift to take a situation and turn it into a song that expressed his and many other’s feelings.

Brandan was preceded in death by his maternal grandparents Delbert and Laura Ventling (Sheridan), paternal grandma Dot Bailey (Sheridan) and a niece Belicia Ann Bailey (Sheridan).  Survivors include Kimberly Gilkey – Mamma (Sheridan), Scotty Joe Bailey-Father (Sheridan), Albert and April Bailey-paternal grandparents (Sheridan), Brandy Rose Bailey-Sister (Sheridan), Gavin Scott Bailey-brother (Sheridan), Ryan Cooper-brother (Cheyenne), Ryder Bailey-brother (Arizona), Ivy Davis-Aunt (Sheridan), Patrick Ventling-Uncle (Texas), Tom Bailey-Uncle (Montana), Sonja Koltiska-Aunt (Arizona), Nitika and Arianna Bailey-nieces (Sheridan) and numerous cousins in Wyoming and Texas.

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