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Nic Johnson will begin his new endeavors as the executive director of the Performing Arts Center in Rapid City. His nine-year run as director of the WYO Theater, Sheridan’s landmark for performing arts, was one of accomplishment and diversity: rock acts like Leon Russell, Saturday morning opera from New York City, classic Western movies, local little theater; jazz, country-rock, “Stars of Tomorrow” local talent shows and a welcoming clinic for theater students from our Sheridan College. There was always something going on.

Nic always loved talking about the WYO, its potential and the ongoing, sweeping renovations to the physical facilities, including the addition of the new Mars Theater.

We wish Nic and his family the best in the future.




One of the better stories out of the Sochi Olympics was that of Gus Kenworthy. He’s from Telluride, Colo. While it’s a popular ski/snowboard/summer destination place for tourists and a haven for wealthy second-home owners, film stars and assorted music and film festivals, Kenworthy, 22, actually grew up there, graduated from Telluride High School in 2010 and has parents and family living there. His father is a film festival director; his mother owns a popular boutique. So he’s a “local” as the saying goes.

He won an Olympic silver medal in the slopestyle competition.

Kenworthy also received much attention — the viral, Internet kind — by adopting five stray dogs, four puppies and their mother and brought them home to Telluride. Much was made of the stray dog circumstance in Sochi before the Olympics, how local authorities had contracted with a company for a mass slaughter of these animals. Kenworthy’s humanity should be celebrated and remembered.




Dept. of incidental info……

There are more cats than dogs in the U.S., according to the American Pet Products Association. In all, some 83.3 million dogs and 95.6 million cats. Most American families have dogs and have just one, while most single Americans have more than one cat.




In an oddly amusing way, it’s attractive to watch the corruption unfold in the Ukraine. President Viktor F. Yanukovych went from sovereign leader, to embattled president, to hunted fugitive in just a matter of hours. He was a former valet of Russian president Vladimir Putin before he took control of Ukraine. (Think of the word ‘valet’ and I can’t help but visualize Mr. Bates in the PBS series, “Downton Abbey”). Yanukovych lived opulently, reneged on his promises to his country, one of them to clean up corruption, but then awarded almost half of the country’s defense contracts to his son, a dentist.

Hard to make this stuff up.






“Don’t mistake activity for achievement.”


—John Wooden, basketball coach, UCLA, 1910-2010; .808 winning percentage

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