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SHERIDAN — Work on Wyoming Avenue, Park Street and Lowell Street in Sheridan was scheduled to be substantially completed by Sept. 20. With the project more than a month behind schedule, the new anticipated completion date is Friday, weather dependent.

Substantial completion means all streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters are finished and only enhancements such as sod and trees remain to be placed.

“To date all utilities have been installed and asphalt and concrete surfacing placed. We are waiting for sidewalks to be poured and the concrete surface to cure out (get strength) and raise the manholes and water valves,” City Engineer Lane Thompson said in an email to The Sheridan Press. “Once this work has been completed, we will go to final completion, which is placing all of the topsoil, sod and trees with the project.”

The contractor on the project, Intermountain Construction and Materials, is being assessed liquidated damages of $1,000 per day for each day beyond the scheduled completion date of Sept. 20 where work is not hampered by weather, Thompson said.

Liquidated damages are generally built into contracts that involve an exchange of money or promise of performance such as construction work. They are assessed if the contracted party fails to perform as stipulated in the contract.

Even with the delay, the project is still within its original $4.2 million budget, Thompson said. In fact, it may come in under its contract price due to better soil quality on Wyoming Avenue than past sections that underwent reconstruction. Less groundwater in the area also led to less extensive work.

Thompson said feedback from area residents has remained positive.

“Everyone who has been through the construction and now lives with the improvements are very pleased,” Thompson said. “The only question/concern people had on the project was the length that construction takes. They were hoping it would all be completed last month, as well, but are very understanding because they like what they are going to get.”

The third phase of reconstruction work in the Wyoming Avenue/Park Street area is anticipated to begin by April, Thompson said.

It will be advertised in January and likely awarded a bid by City Council in February. The expected completion date for the entire project is Oct. 1, 2014.

The third phase of work will run along Burkitt Street from Wyoming Avenue to Sheridan Avenue (two blocks), Custer Street from Park Street to Works Street (two blocks) and Works Street from Custer Street to Little Goose Creek, Thompson said.

Burkitt and Custer streets will have all utilities replaced, new sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and new asphalt reconstruction.

Works Street will receive a new storm drain and asphalt surfacing as part of the project.

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