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Re: Riparian rules don’t make sense


I respectfully submit that a case for implementing new riparian set-back regulations has not been made.

It has been stated this is a “water quality” issue yet by the county’s own admission these new regulations will not fix the water quality problems since most water quality issues are caused by agriculture which is exempt from these regulations.

County officials presented information at the Story Woman’s Club and arrogantly waved “surveys” in our face and told us that we were the ones who had asked for better water quality. This was a gross misrepresentation of Story’s unique water quality issue, namely septic systems and the county has now implemented strong new regulations which address this.

County Planner Mark Reid’s comments that since we paid for the County Comprehensive plan we need to use it, not let it sit on a shelf and draw dust, is admirable considering all the waste in government spending these days. But, to do something that from the very start is not going to correct the problem is incredible. To do something just to be doing something is silly. I’m sure Mark did not mean it to sound like that. Nonetheless it does indicate that there has been pressure from somewhere to “do something” and it appears do anything even if it doesn’t make sense.

I think it’s been established many times over by concerned constituents that the stated water quality problem is not the issue here or if it truly is the issue, Sheridan County is not legally able to control it. Just admit this and take on something you have jurisdiction over.

Or is this possibly just the beginning and agriculture will indeed be next on your agenda?

So what is the real issue? We are confused. The county’s arguments do not make sense. I ask that the county please make an honest, intelligent case for such drastic regulations before passing them into law.

We the citizens of this great country, founded on individual freedom, are about worn out from government trampling on our rights. Please make your case a strong one. One that makes sense to your constituents. A truly honest case that shows a little respect for the people you are supposed to represent.

We are weary.


Bev Burton



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