Mulholland deliberative while on city council

Re: Aug. 19 endorsement


Our legislators have recently considered legislation that includes job creation and economic development funding for communities like ours, funding for clean water projects and infrastructure repair, the protection of our 2nd Amendment Rights, local control of education and the protection of our children in school.  These are just a few of the important issues that our representatives must address at the Legislature, and having a voice in Cheyenne that is representative of those of us here in Sheridan is incredibly important.

Ryan Mulholland is a dedicated public servant and will be that strong and capable voice for Sheridan in Cheyenne.

During his time on the City Council, Mulholland always took the time to carefully and publicly explain how he came to a decision before he cast his vote.  That thoughtful deliberation assured me that he was doing his research and never cast a vote on any issue, no matter the significance, without being well informed of what his constituency thought and what it meant to our community.

I have known Ryan Mulholland for several years.  He will represent our community with enthusiasm, integrity and intelligence.  Please vote for Mulholland Aug. 19.


Tom Belus


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