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SHERIDAN — Sheridan Police shot a mountain lion in city limits Friday evening. Dispatcher Cindy Baker said the lion was treed and then killed in the 600 block east alleyway between South Main Street and Gladstone Street.

Police Lt. Chris Dahmke said dispatchers received reports of a mountain lion in another area of town earlier in the day, but police were unable to locate the animal and substantiate the claim.

Dahmke said the police received a call at approximately 6 p.m. and a police officer was dispatched to the area. The officer was able to locate the animal and obtain permission from officials with the Game and Fish Department to take the shot.

Sheridan Game Warden Bruce Scigliano said the decision to kill the lion was made because there were many people and pets enjoying the summer evening, and the lion was likely looking for a food source.

“Generally, when there’s a large predator in town, it’s dispatched,” Dahmke said, indicating that if the cat came into town once, chances are good it would come back if it were simply sedated and re-released.

“We don’t take a lot of chances for them to return,” he said.

The mountain lion was shot twice by the police officer —once in the tree, and once when it was on the ground to ensure it was humanely euthanized.

“It was a fast, professional response to the situation,” Scigliano said, praising the police officers who helped handle the situation.

Dahmke said the history of reports suggests the cat entered city limits via the south side of town near Brundage Lane and South Park.

Scigliano said the mountain lion was a young adult male who may have been looking for a territory to call his own.

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