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SHERIDAN — Dayton Planning Commission and Dayton Town Council will hold special meetings this week in order to expedite the approval process for a minor subdivision and liquor license for the new owners of Mountain Inn Bar in Dayton.

Council members approved a liquor license for the new owners of the Mountain Inn but will not sign it until the owners close on the property later this week, Mayor Bob Wood said. Normally the Wyoming State Liquor Commission requires that a liquor license be attached to a property before it approves the license, but in this case, it made an exception.

The new owners of the bar wanted to make sure they had a liquor license before they closed on the property, so they requested permission to receive the license before signing the property deed. There were no objections to the liquor license from town or Council members, Wood said.

Also on the agenda was approval of the final plat for the Mountain Inn minor subdivision. The item was tabled once it was discovered that it must be approved by the Planning Commission before the Council could approve it. The Planning Commission will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday to consider the subdivision, and Town Council will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

The Mountain Inn minor subdivision will consist of two lots — one for the bar and one for the parking lot. No new infrastructure is proposed. The original owner will continue to own the pasture behind the bar. Since only part of the property is switching ownership, a minor subdivision was required, Wood said.

“We had to back up and get our ducks in a row,” Wood said. “We just want to make sure everything is in order.”

A third item for the Mountain Inn Bar — a catering permit for Dayton Days — was killed, Wood said. The new owners of the bar wanted to serve food off premises during Dayton Days and thought a catering permit was needed. A catering permit is actually used to serve alcohol off location, so the item was killed once it was discovered it was not needed. The bar will need to receive permission from the health department in order to serve food off premises.

In other business:

• Dayton Town Council presented the Yard of the Month award to Leonard Bull who resides on Broadway across from Dayton Town Hall. The Yard of the Month is chosen by a committee of last summer’s winners, Wood said.

• Council members heard from Sheridan College President Paul Young regarding the upcoming bond issue to expand the college’s technical education center that will be voted on by county residents in August.

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