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Re: Aug. 19 primary


Gov. Matt Mead took an oath to “support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the state of Wyoming” when he took office. He broke that oath when he signed SF104 into law. In addition to being unconstitutional, SF104 was legislation that we, the people of Wyoming, vehemently stated that we did not want. Gov. Mead is a lawyer as well as our current governor. The titles of lawyer and governor insinuate that a person is an expert when it comes to the Constitution. It therefore appears that Mead intentionally ignored the law and us – the people of Wyoming.

Unfortunately, Gov. Mead also ignored the Constitution in early 2011. A pro-life, nonprofit group obtained the appropriate permitting needed to display some signs in a building adjacent to the Capitol. These banners were placed alongside various other displays. Within 12 hours of placing the signs, Mead’s appointee, Rich Cathcart, made a call to have them removed. Many members of the organization called the governor’s office to implore that the display be returned as they realized their First Amendment rights had been violated. The governor ignored their pleas. The group determined the only way to protect the First Amendment was to take the governor to court. The state decided to settle out of court since they knew – and admitted – that the First Amendment had been violated.

Since Mead has repeatedly dishonored his oath of office the first time around, why should he be trusted with another term?

Taylor Haynes knows both the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions like the back of his hand. Anyone who has spoken to him in person or heard him speak knows this to be true. Dr. Haynes has expressed that he is concerned about the sky-high taxes burdening Wyoming citizens. He is also concerned about the need to protect gun rights, property rights, state’s rights and the right to life. Taylor Haynes is a rancher, an engineer and a physician/surgeon. Obviously, he values education, hard work and integrity. I will be voting for Taylor Haynes on August 19 because I am confident he will honor his oath of office.


Alexandria Loftus


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