May 2013 divorces

Divorces granted in May in 4th Judicial District Court (plaintiff v. defendant):

• Christopher James Yager v. Susan Lynn Yager, May 3.

• Todd Burfiend v. Dawn R. Burfiend, May 13.

• Tina Marie Bethune v. Ricky Dearld Bethune, May 13.

• Dusten Frank Turner v. Kristy Ann Turner, May 13.

• Remelle Elizabeth Olson v. Terrance Lee Olson, May 14.

• Carol Ann Calkins v. Roger Duane Calkins, May 14.

• Jenny A. McKenzie v. Miguel S. McKenzie, May 16.

• Jason Thorgeirson v. Jennifer A. Thorgeirson, May 21.

• Danielle M. Cox v. Vaughn Cox, May 21.

• Lucretcia J. Overman v. Charles H. Rhynard, May 22.

• Adam Jonathan Conley v. Angela Marie Conley, May 22.

• Randy Frank Kouf v. Margaret Ann Halliburton, May 22.

• Laurie K. Linhart v. Charles W. Linhart, May 29.

• Travis Allen Bickel v. Jennifer Lorraine Bickel, May 29.

• Wendy Kaye Kruger v. Steven Ronald Kruger, May 31.

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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..