Marriages, Divorces Nov. 2013

Marriage licenses issued and recorded by the Sheridan County clerk’s office in November:

• Gerald Ernest Borg, 60, Billings, Mont. and Nancy Jean Mathis, 63, Billings, Mont., Nov. 5.

• Gary Owen Pryor, 58, Sheridan and Mary Ann Modrey, 73, Sheridan, Nov. 8.

• Nicholas Eugene Watt, 34, Story and Heather Christina Watt, 33, Story, Nov. 8.

• Casey Dwane Dixon, 32, Sheridan and Leia Kayleen Wells, 27, Sheridan, Nov. 12.

• Luke Allen Decker, 29, Sheridan and Anjuli Michelle Miller, 32, Sheridan, Nov. 12.

• David G. Lion, 53, Sawyer, N.D. and Diane Marie McMahon, 47, Sheridan, Nov. 15.

• Ian George Ferguson, 41, Sheridan and Dee Anne Dunn, 40, Sheridan, Nov. 21.

• Scott Le Morey, 42, Sheridan and Anita Marie Olson, 42, Sheridan, Nov. 22.


Divorces granted in November in 4th Judicial District Court (plaintiff v. defendant):

• Michelle L. Meehan-Greer v. Robert D. Greer, Nov. 1.

• Martin B. Powers v. Francine Ranea Powers, Nov. 1.

• Jason Lee Taylor v. Christina Lee Jane Williams-Taylor, Nov. 4.

• Michael Lee Schiegel v. Charlene Ann Schiegel, Nov. 7.

• Leondro P. Rizauto v. Sherrie Rizauto, Nov. 8.

• Tina Marie Garretson v. Anthony Doyne Garretson, Nov. 13.

• Paul Williams Larson v. Kathy Jean Larson, Nov. 20.

• Thomas J. Bryant v. Jennifer J. Bryant, Nov. 28.


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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..