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By Alisa Brantz

The Sheridan Press

SHERIDAN — Picture this.

You’re walking down Main Street in Sheridan’s historic district doing some shopping, supporting your local businesses, in search of a new winter coat.­­

As you cross the street you see an envelope on the ground, pick it up. Inside is alot of money.

What would you do? Buy the best coat you can find? Call the police?

Sam Watson of Sheridan was faced with this question on Monday when he found a bank envelope in front of A+ Plumbing.

Watson didn’t keep the money or turn it in to the authorities. What did he do? He took it upon himself to go out and find the owner.

“I left my phone number at A+ in case someone came back looking for it,” Watson said. “Then I went home and posted to Upcycle.”

Sheridan Upcycle is a group page on Facebook where members of the Sheridan community can post fundraisers, garage sales, items for sale or trade and anything lost or stolen. The group has more than 11,000 members and Watson said it was the fastest way he could think of to reach a lot of people. “Found: cash in First Interstate bank envelope. Pretty specifically folded. If you can identify, I will pm (private message) you and get it back to you,” his post read.

The response was incredible. As of Tuesday his post had received 265 “likes” and 50 comments.

“Your honesty is refreshing,” Eileen Hamilton of Sheridan commented on his post. “Hope the person who lost it sees this and that you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving.”

It turned out the person who lost it did see it and the money was returned within hours of it being lost.

“It’s kind of sad that people get surprised when something like this happens,” said Watson, “but it was cool to see.”

Watson, a married father of three is the Store Manager at Firestone and though he could use the money, like any one else, he never thought of keeping it.

“A lot of what I do in life is to make me sleep better,” he said, “and other than the 12-week-old baby boy, I sleep pretty good.”

In a season of consumerism where money is tight for many and gifts are plentiful for some, Watson is happy to simply be with his family.

“If you can be with family,” he said, “be with family. Otherwise, just enjoy what you have. That’s the spirit of the holiday’s to me.”

So, what would you do?

Maybe you won’t stumble on a stack of cash this holiday season but I’m sure you’ll stumble on other opportunities to make a difference in someone’s day.

“Pay it forward people!” Trasi Harris of Buffalo commented on the post. “It is the season of giving.”



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