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Whenever “The Log” arrives, it’s a lift in the day.

The current issue from the Sheridan County Historical Society and Museum features a good story and recounting of The Kendrick Cattle Company by Cynde Georgen. Ms. Georgen is the director of the Trail End State Historic Site. There are other stories in the issue about area ranching, thanks to Ky Collins Dixon and Penny Penson Iekel.

Good reading, this.

The Sheridan County Historical Society and Museum is one of those local organizations worthy of a check in support. Its materials are interesting to read, the museum always well-presented and spotless, its exhibits continually evolving. It’s always a treat for those out of town visitors of ours.




Thunder, the Broncos mascot, will be making the 1,777 mile trip to the Super Bowl in New Jersey next month, if Denver makes it to The Big Game, according to 5280 magazine.

They host San Diego Sunday afternoon at Mile High and Thunder will hopefully be in action quite a bit. The 20-year-old Arabian gelding gallops the field after each scoring drive and leads the team out of the tunnel before the opening kickoff.

A sharp-eyed record keeper has determined that Peyton Manning isn’t the only Bronco setting records this year. Thunder broke the record for the most field-length sprints in a single game as the Broncos thumped Philadelphia, 52-20, in September. Thunder has made more than 400 trips up and down the sideline during the past 10 years. And if the Broncos go to the Super Bowl, it will be Thunder’s longest road trip ever.

Thunder is 14.2 hands high and is trained and ridden by Ann Judge Wegener.




Recommended reading…….

Some 45 years is plenty of time for hindsight regarding the social predator and sociopathic murderer that is Charles Manson, still alive at 79 inside California’s Corcoran State Prison. Jeff Guinn’s book, “Manson: The Life and Times,” is a fascinating, irresistible read about a man who created an indelible American nightmare during the peace-and-love days of the late 1960s. Guinn documents the hippie culture of the day and how Los Angeles police early on bungled the investigation that turned the trial into the proverbial “media circus.”

Guinn, who has authored books on Wyatt Earp and Bonnie and Clyde, is steadily, quietly becoming one of this country’s best historians with his no nonsense, straight-ahead crime reporting style. All three books are worth the time and likely available from our local book store, Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery, right there in the heart of Main Street, Sheridan.






“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.”


— Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish novelist, 1850-1894


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