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SHERIDAN — Substance abuse was a common thread between two of the more high profile situations addressed by Sheridan police over the weekend. One instance involved a man inhaling canned air, while the other was an intoxicated driver that damaged four vehicles.

Just after noon Saturday, police were called by management at Sheridan’s Walmart on Coffeen Avenue and told a customer had passed out in the restroom. Sheridan Police Department Sgt. Travis Koltiska said the officer that arrived at the scene found the male, in his 40s, and coordinated his transport for medical treatment.

The police report indicates the man appears to have lost consciousness after intentionally inhaling vapors from canned air. Koltiska indicated the mechanisms used for “huffing” were present on the scene.

Koltiska said the man was given medical attention, but was not arrested.

Then, on Sunday evening at approximately 7 o’clock, police were notified a driver had crashed into three parked cars on the 200 block of East Perkins Street. Koltiska said eye witnesses relayed the driver’s license plate number to police, who were then able to trace the vehicle registration back to the vehicle’s owner. When they went to the 57-year-old man’s address, his damaged vehicle was parked there and the man was inside his home.

The man was arrested for driving while under the influence and hit and run. Police measured the man’s blood alcohol content at 0.23 percent, which is almost three times the legally established point of intoxication, which is 0.08.

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