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‘bait/switch’ big spenders

Re: Cap tax vote, Nov. 5


I have decided to vote no on the upcoming Capital Facilities Tax and encourage Sheridan Press readers to do the same. I recognize that probably the most responsible elected officials are the county commissioners. But I have to ask just how much longer can we continue to grow government on the backs of the taxpayer.

• In the last state legislative session, the gas tax was raised 10 cents per gallon. Obamacare is going to increase our insurance premiums dramatically, so is our purse big enough to also absorb the Capital Facilities Tax?

• If the projects are so great and wonderful why are we holding a special election for a cost of $41,500 instead of putting it on the ballot in next year’s general election when the 5 percent sales tax is on the ballot? Why are we putting it out there for eight years instead of two or four years? Could it be because they can’t list all the projects listed in a four-year plan? This would mean a large percentage of you would never have your road listed as a project. So using the state and federal bait and switch, they just might get it passed.

• The county commissioners have stated that the roads are prioritized and they have to be. The road I live on has been in the plans three different times to be redone in the next two or three years and it always gets moved off the plan due to the priorities. I happen to agree with the county commissioners that our road should be a low priority road. So by going with an eight-year plan, you can virtually list every single road. However, many of our roads will fall off the priority map.

• The other question to ask is what happens if during that eight-year time frame, we have need for another project, how will that be funded? If you remember back to when SAWS was formed, it was due to the DEQ threatening to fine us $25,000 per day if we didn’t solve the water leakage problem. The Capital Facilities Tax was put forth and overwhelmingly voted in. If we go eight years, our hands are tied in the event of another needed project as far as funding goes.

• The final reason to vote against the tax is that it seems it is the only way to send a message to our state legislators and hopefully the people at the federal level that we have had it with their big spending ways.


Dana Kerns


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