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Comparing men

Re: President Obama, Dr. Ben Carson


I’d like to cite the case of two different men, both raised in a single-parent home.

One was raised as a Muslim until he was 10 years old. The other, the father left when he was 8 years old, but the mother took him to church, a Christian church.

One of them believes in absolute government control; the other believes people need to develop their God-given talents and find their vocation in life.

One believes in the progressive politics of control.

1. Degrade individual rights

2. Push equality for everyone

3. Minimize the roll of God in society

4. Transfer power from states to a central bureaucracy

Guess which party is into the above agenda.

Both men are black.

The best show I ever saw was Gargy and Beas.

Both men have written books — one man wrote “The Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams of My Father.”

The other man wrote “The Big Picture,” “Gifted Hands,” “America the Beautiful” and “Think Big.”

One is a talented speaker; the other a gifted neurosurgeon.

I’m talking about President Obama and Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson spoke in Billings to about 1,300 people and I had the privilege of hearing him. I especially recommend his books. I have just reread “Think Big,” an amazing book. He was at the bottom of his school class in fifth grade and reached the top of the class in seventh grade.

He’s retired now, but was head of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore — an amazing man.


Jan Maier


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