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City leaders ignore

fluoride warnings

Re: Initiate 15-year study


I am very disappointed that the city leaders have disregarded the warnings about putting this system of fluoride into our water. I would challenge this city to start keeping records of the IQs of our children’s test scores and health issues from the time this is implemented for about a 15-year range. Include also the pregnant mothers to see if their babies are affected.

Will they receive a good report, or duck and hide if it turns out that the truth of fluoride was indeed harmful to our children’s health. They won’t mind because those responsible won’t be around!

How loosely they agreed to implement something they knew very little about or refused to do their homework and getting an ‘F’ on their report card. Oh. I forget. They no do not give out ‘Fs’ anymore. Or do they?

Not sure if this issue of putting fluoride in our water can be undone at this point. But we sure do want to keep those who made this decision accountable for their actions.


Linda Stroud



Obama’s religious ‘war’ is anti-family

Re: Sowell column, Press, April 3


I would like to thank the publisher and the editor of The Sheridan Press for publishing the commentary of Thomas Sowell.

His column on April 3 was very interesting about President Obama. It was about whether he was deliberate in hurting our country. Rush Limbaugh and Dinesh Joseph D’Souza think so.

Obama went to a Muslim school during his formative years. His mother was anti-American. Look at the scandals during this administration: fast and furious, the IRS targeting of conservatives and others.

But I think the worst of all is Obama’s war on religion under the Affordable Care Act requiring religious agencies to provide insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs. As Cardinal Raymond Burke said, “Obama appears to aggressively promote anti-life and anti-family policies. It’s freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.”

When the Supreme Court upheld Roe versus Wade and threw the Bible and any reference to God out of schools, we lost our way.



Janice Maier



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