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Ukrainian intervention

belongs to Russians

Re: Historical, economic ties


The hawks are in lock step with the goose stepping of President Obama, Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Lindsey Graham. They are calling for interference in Russia’s actions toward Ukraine. Network news — Fox News and MSNBC — are generally peddling the same notion. The idea that there is something we should do or could do to influence Russia’s decisions about their security is not just foolish but sinister. Russia has a long history of strategic and economic ties to the Ukraine and has critical security interests there. They can’t sacrifice their security and we know it.

Since WWII, the world has prevented nuclear war by a mutual incapacity to prevent a retaliatory strike in the event of a nuclear first strike, Mutually Assured Destruction. The Russians worry that the expanding European missile defense program since the dismantling of the Soviet Union is an attempt to prevent a Russian retaliation against a nuclear strike. That inability to respond would make them helpless against a nuclear attack from the West. Therefore, the attempt to bring Ukraine into the EU defense sphere is a potential trigger for global war that could escalate to a nuclear war.

We have no interests in the Ukraine. What we do have is the need for Russia to continue their cooperation with our interests elsewhere.

We should stay out of their business and encourage the EU to do the same.


Mel Logan


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