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Benghazi, Black Panthers,

NSA, Iran, tee times

Re: Lunacy at the White House


In case you missed it, the Obama Administration has made some very controversial decisions lately. They released from prison the lawyer who defended the blind sheik by smuggling out messages to his terrorist organization resulting in numerous deaths and involvement in 9/11; appointed a lawyer to the Civil Rights Commission, a former member of the Black Panthers and defender of a cop killer in court.

A big time donor to President Obama and frequent guest at the White House is going to investigate the IRS? I look forward to those who investigate the Benghazi debacle (have they arrested anyone yet?), voter suppression by the Black Panthers, the gun deal in Mexico and NSA surveillance.

When Iran gets the “Big One,” U.S. appeasement and the soft ball approach will be partly to blame. Will anyone ever be held accountable for these scandals? All this from a president who promised to bring the nation together.

Would it be too much for someone in the executive branch to be truthful? You can bet none of these issues would cause the president to miss his tee time.

Looks to me like the lunatics are running the asylum.


Lou West


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