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Insurance firms jeopardized

as health care law worsens

Re: Young people not signing up

As the disastrous “roll out” of Obamacare continues, more problems with this Rube Goldberg creation emerge almost daily. It has now come to light – no, not through that evil Fox News outfit, but from a procurement document posted on a federal government website – that the health insurance companies could well go bankrupt and the entire health care industry be jeopardized if the new contractor (the first one was replaced) doesn’t complete the build out of the “back end” of the healthcare.gov site by mid March.

There is now talk of the federal government’s possibly having to bail out the insurance companies because of the failure to get enough young, healthy people to sign up for this monstrosity to cover the costs incurred in insuring the older folks who have many more health issues. I guess a 2,700-page law along with its 20,000 pages of implementing regulations aren’t enough to convince the target audience to take the plunge!

And if it does come down to having to bail out the insurance companies, you can bet that the blame for this failure will be hung around their necks as President Obama and his cast of leftwing statists begin a full court press for their ideological golden calf – a one-size-fits-all, single payer, government run health “care” system such as that endured by the British people for decades.

If they get that, then Americans will come to fully understand the old adage, “If you think your health care costs a lot now, just wait ‘til it’s free.”


Charles Cole


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