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Logo, slogan not best representation for Wyoming

Re: Lottery unveiling

I am a former Sheridan area resident who happened to notice an online article that detailed Wyoming’s new participation in the Mega Millions and Power Ball lotteries. I was mildly amused and strangely disappointed to find out the new logo, slogan and nickname of the campaign have been so poorly chosen.

I am certain any vote regarding the subject is well over and the ink has long dried but I am sure if enough concern was voiced a future change may be in order. My primary intent is to be certain that Wyoming fully understands the content that will be representing them.

First let’s start with the slogan “Just maybe.” This slogan essentially does nothing but remind anyone that may consider buying a lottery ticket that they have little to no chance to win. I was raised in Wyoming so I understand a straight forward approach and shoot straight from the hip attitude, even if it does not benefit you. However I have learned that in marketing you should learn to be honest in a way that does not deter potential customers.

For example I would suggest a slogan such as “Creating dreams.” This slogan is appropriate for a couple reasons but most importantly it highlights the two most important factors why people buy lottery tickets. The first being that even if you do not win the lottery, most of the fun in playing is in dreaming about what you may someday do with all that glorious money. Secondly, and more importantly, state lotteries are huge patrons of schools and charities and this slogan can be used to inform the public that even if you are not a winner you are helping someone else attain their dreams. Now instead of reminding customers that they “Just maybe” but most likely won’t win a thing, they can know even if they don’t win this time they are always helping a dream live on.

The next ridiculous part of the new campaign is the mascot. While the Jackalope can be a fun character, naming the poor guy YoLo I can only assume is a cultural oversight by an out of touch marketing team that doesn’t know what yolo means to another generation. Yolo aka “you only live once” I am sure you are aware, is an annoying “new” acronym used by special members of our younger generations when they are doing something risky or stupid. While I get that the Wyoming Lottery thinks it is cute that they are taking the YoLo out of W|yoLo|to, they must see the bad outweighs the good? If they don’t they should go back to school and see what makes a marketing campaign successful and realize that using an acronym that is now despised, even by the generation that created it, should not be the name of their new mascot.

“Spending my last paycheck on lottery tickets before jumping off this 50-foot cliff @ TR Reservoir!!!!!! #YOLO.”


Chance Clark

Omaha, Neb.

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