Letter, April 4, 2014

Footnote in appropriations inappropriate

Re: Press editorial, March 29


I applaud The Sheridan Press editorial of March 29, “Let the State Board of Education do its job.”

The board Chairman Ron Michaeli together with experienced school administrator Sue Belish and nine other dedicated members are better qualified to “evaluate, review, deliberate on and adopt education standards” than a footnote in an appropriation bill (by less than a handful of legislators).

Deliberation is exactly what the Legislature should exemplify, expect and encourage, not discourage or curtail demonstrating a lack of confidence in the board’s abilities. Open deliberation, not personal power, should be our public institutional goal. Footnotes in the appropriation process have overgrown the original useful purpose. It needs to be limited by legislative rules.

My thanks for a thoughtful and well-stated legislative critique. I will continue to support such refinements in our body politic.


Rep. John Patton



Disliked recent Press article

Re: Story of former Sheridan resident becoming equal rights advocate shouldn’t be in family paper


I find most of The Sheridan Press to be very informative and uplifting. It’s been a delight to have the paper for many years.

However, the story at the bottom of the front page on Wednesday, March 19, by Tracee Davis was very repulsive. It does not belong in a family, local newspaper, at least not on the front page.

May I suggest that there are more edifying stories out there.


Hayden Porter

Decker, Mont.


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