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Dislikes Press

coverage Of SCSD2 board actions

Re: Documents, open

meetings violations

I am disappointed in the recent Press coverage of events related to Sheridan County School District 2. In the April 11 edition, two front page articles accused the school district of illegal activities. One of the articles deemed worthy of front page news was an editorial opinion, not unbiased reporting as we would expect from a front page news story and not representative of good journalistic practice.

As I looked at the photo of the SCSD2 Board of Trustees what I saw was a group of dedicated public servants who volunteer their time and energy to improve education for the youth of Sheridan, not deceitful, misguided citizens engaged in illegal activities as accused by The Press.

I am a strong proponent of transparency in communication and am supportive of open meetings and sharing public information. But the notion that the school district is willfully acting illegally and restricting access to public information is unfounded.

The elected members of the school board serve the public. They are well intentioned volunteers who believe in the importance of continuing to provide the best public education for our youth. To suggest they are not accountable for their actions is unfair and would make most of the rest of us wonder why anyone would run for or consider serving on any volunteer board. Community volunteers are essential and we owe them at the very least a heartfelt thank you for the work they do. Sheridan schools are among the very best in the state of Wyoming. Our school administrators, volunteer board members, and dedicated teachers and staff deserve recognition for the work they do and the contributions they make to our community.

Rather than engaging the school district in a costly and time consuming lawsuit, why not take a closer look at the many positive actions taken by this board and the impact their actions have on our community? Instead of questioning the ethics of those who serve on the school board let’s focus on outcomes. Think about the many graduates who have gone on to make our community and our world a better place to live, many of them returning to Sheridan to live and work and give back to the community that nurtured them and provided them with a strong educational base.

I have gratitude to those who work hard to improve education in Sheridan.


Jenny Mathers Heuck


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