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If your dad is anything like mine, he’s mostly the strong, silent type.

He never said a whole lot, but did ask about my day, my game or in general just how things were going. He knew I followed the news so he’d ask me about articles he had seen or sports games he knew I watched.
But he never really had to say much. I knew he loved me and was proud of me and the same was true for my older brother. He always supported us.

My brother used to play hockey in high school. His team was pretty good and he was the starting goalie for the Theodore Roosevelt High School Rough Riders in Kent, Ohio. My family always went to the games to cheer him on.
My mom and I would sit with the other fans while my dad often paced nervously on the other side of the arena, yelling and cheering, but just far enough away most people couldn’t hear him.
When coaches started being verbally abusive, my dad went to the school board to voice his concerns.
He fought for us.

When I was younger, I played a lot of little league softball. My parents even took the time to coach one of my teams.

My dad would let me practice pitching and literally take it in the shins when we both realized I wasn’t that good.
My dad encouraged me, taught me and took the time with me. But, when game time came around I was treated like every other player.

If I wasn’t pitching well, he pulled me.

He taught me hard work and fairness.

My dad switched jobs several times when I was in grade school, college and even in more recent years. When his current place of employment no longer challenged him, he moved on.

He taught me the importance of lifelong learning and growth.

Sometimes when he switched jobs, or my mom switched jobs, it would mean they lived in different places for awhile. They still made every effort to talk on the phone and see each other whenever they could.
He taught me love and support.

Happy Father’s Day.

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