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I read The Sheridan Press daily, but somehow the April 18 edition got away from me, until today.

This is in regard to the price of ice cream at Kendrick Park. The article indicates last year’s and this year’s prices for single and double scoop cones and cups went up from $1.50 and $1.75 to $1.75 and $2.00, respectively. It’s not the 25-cent increase that bugs me. What’s wrong is that there’s only a 25-cent difference between a single and double scoop. I strongly suspect this pricing creates an incentive or bias toward the double scoop, when one scoop should be plenty for any child.

Everyone knows ice cream is both high in fat and sugar.

We also know obesity and type II diabetes across the country is at alarmingly high rates and still rising for children and adults. For the health and wellbeing of our children, the responsible thing would be to place the entire price increase on the double scoop, making it $2.25, and keep the single scoop at $1.50. With a price difference of at least 75 cents between the two options, a lot fewer fat calories would be consumed. This would leave kids with room for more nutritious choices (i.e., dinner), and help teach them moderation when it comes to eating treats. After all, one scoop is very satisfying, and even better, it won’t leave you feeling overstuffed.

Come on Sheridan, let’s get smart about promoting healthier eating habits for our kids.

Suzanne Beaudelaire



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