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SHERIDAN — Demand for student housing at Sheridan College continues to increase, according to school officials.

Larissa Bonnett, director of campus life and housing at Sheridan College, said that this is the fourth year in a row that housing at the college will open above occupancy going into the Fall 2016 semester.

Last year, the college was 27 beds above occupancy on June 1 and was about the same this year. There were 50 more applications for student housing as of March 1 for 2016 than in 2015.

There are currently 450 beds available to house students on campus. With enrollment continuing to increase, it’s likely that housing demand will increase with it.

“Is it time for new housing? Yes — more housing would be helpful,” Bonnett said.

Room assignments were sent out on June 15. While the college is currently full, Bonnett said that students can still apply for housing up until the day before school.

“Most (students utilizing dorms on campus) are first-year students right out of high school,” Bonnett said. “Our returning students and transfer students typically use our villas and lofts if they can help it.”

Despite housing requests outnumbering availability, Bonnett said it’s almost certain that some students will drop out of the dorms sometime before the school year starts.

But in the case that there is still no room for an incoming student, Bonnett and the staff at Sheridan College said they work closely with area landlords in order to find students a place to stay.

In some scenarios, the college will partner with hotels to find students a home for a short while.

While student housing may be convenient for students, officials suggest it is also academically beneficial. Not only do students have close access to campus and the benefit of the student meal facilities, but Bonnett said that students who stay in student housing facilities also tend to achieve higher grades and be more involved in campus during the school year.

“Students like to live on campus because of our robust student life,” Bonnett said. “It’s a nice transition from living at home with all the rules and regulations from mom and dad or other entities to trying to find some independence with still some guidance. We have resident assistants that help them through the first year guidance and are there to answer questions and our staff is also there.”

Rent for housing ranges anywhere from around $1,215 per semester to around $2,475, depending on the living quarters students choose. All utilities are included.

Aside from that cost, students living on campus are required to sign up for a meal plan at the student dining center except for those living in efficiency apartments. The cost for each meal is $6 for breakfast, $9 for lunch and $10 for dinner. Meals are all you can eat.

While some claim that living on campus may cost too much, Bonnett disagreed. She said it’s a great value for students considering the amenities that go with it.

“Really our housing prices are very comparable (with Sheridan’s rental market) … for what you get for the meal plans, it’s really a good deal,” Bonnett said.

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