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Re: Heath’s comments


I want to comment on the article in the paper (Aug. 5) regarding fluoridation of Sheridan’s city water. The comment that Mayor John Heath made, “I voted that way, (meaning no) and then I got more educated, I saw that there was some benefit to the subject.” He noted he spoke with physicians and dentists to learn about the benefits of fluoridation.

Now, my question is why is Dallas, Texas, removing fluoridation from their city water like so many other cities. What did they find out that Mayor Heath does not know? I challenge him to take a deeper look into this and not just ask the local physicians and dentists who were trained to believe fluoride is good to add to the drinking water as it helps prevent cavities. To that I say hogwash.

On any given tube of toothpaste there is a warning — Do not swallow. There is more to the story. Who is getting paid to say fluoride is beneficial to the prevention of cavities? The bottom line is that our children will suffer and pregnant mothers, too, if this is encouraged. Do your homework.

I am sick and tired of someone telling me this will prevent when it does nothing but harm, mixing partial truth with lies.


Linda Stroud


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