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I spent the last two weeks of July in Colorado helping with the grandkids since our daughter-in-law was out of the country.

Wilson and Stella are 5 and 3.

Working around watching them do “Ben Hur” circles around the fountain on their bikes, I had the time to do some much needed maintenance around the house.

I started with refinishing the front door. A few years ago I had put a coat of polyurethane on it and it turned out not to be for outside use. What a disaster.

I spent two days sanding, two days staining, and two days sealing. The door is now worthy of one of those before and after photo shoots.

We live around trees, some of you know what that means. The pear trees across the front of the property had become so overgrown that it was hard to see road traffic coming out of the driveway. A few wellchosen limbs came down and things looked a lot like the front door — pretty good.

I thinned out, weeded and replanted a large bed next to the lower deck that was thin on one side and overgrown on the other. It is hard to garden from 600 miles away. Everything depends upon where the water is.

I weedeated the area that had become overgrown around the back ditch that takes overflow water back to the Uncompahgre River at the lowest part of our property.

I scouted out a couple of places where I’ll eventually plant new trees and had to restrain myself from going ahead and planting. It is really hard to garden from 600 miles away.

All in all the two weeks were busy, but balanced out by watching the kids have boat races down the creek out front and enjoy the small pool I filled up on the really hot days.

Everything you have ever heard about being a grandparent is true. It is the best of times.


Susan Woody has been a home and garden writer for more than 20 years and is a master gardener.

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