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If you’re interested in local history, there’s an opportunity this weekend for tours of historic buildings

The Alliance for Historic Wyoming will partner with the Ucross Foundation and will give visitors a chance to tour historic buildings in rural Sheridan and Johnson counties Saturday, June 7. It begins at 10 a.m. and lasts until 3 p.m. The tours will start at the Ucross Foundation’s Big Red Barn. They will include tours of the Ranch at Ucross, the Rule Ranch and Kearney Hall. Visitors can also meet with architects, preservation professionals and will include an opportunity to meet with artists associated with the foundation. There is no charge to the “Unbarred” tour, a self-driving (guided) tour, but the workshop includes a lunch ($45, $30 if there is a membership to AHW).

Edre Maier, AHW board member and Sheridan preservationist, says in a news release: “This event is for those who don’t have a historic building, but enjoy learning about and touring local historic preservation projects.

For more information, call Carly-Ann Anderson, 307.333.3508/ Or: ExecDirector@historicwyoming.org.




Some Sheridan County residents made the recent edition of “Wyoming Artscapes” magazine, a quarterly publication of the Wyoming Arts Council.

• Sarah Ellingrod of Arvada-Clearmont High School won the Wyoming Out Loud poetry title for the fourth consecutive year. The competition with 11 other Wyoming student poets was held in March in Cheyenne. She is pictured with Wyoming First Lady Carol Mead.

• The cast of Sheridan College’s production of “Godspell” was also featured in a magazine photo.




Three Ole & Lena Jokes


• Ole is on his deathbed. He says to Lena: “Forty-eight years we’ve been married. You’ve stuck with me through it all. The tornado that blew the house down, the lousy crops, the year all of the pigs died, my bankruptcy, my heart attack, the night the lightning struck and burned down the house, and now, liver cancer. And you know what? I’m starting to think that you’re bad luck.”

• Ole is on his deathbed. He whispers to Lena: “Lena, is everyone here? Lena replies, “Yes, Ole, we’re all here, Ole Jr., and Christina, Svend, Solveig, your brother Karl, your sister Lottie, your cousin Hjalmar. We’re all here, Ole.” Ole says, “Okay, if you’re all here, why are the lights on in the living room?”

• Ole lays dying and he smells Lena’s rhubarb pie and it was so good. So he crawled down the stairs to the kitchen and reached up on the counter to get a bite, and she slapped his hand and she said, “That’s for the funeral, leave it alone.”




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