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Many pets are sound sensitive and become scared and stressed during fireworks and thunderstorm season, especially if they’re in areas where fireworks are set off day after day, or if we’re having lots of thunderstorms.

They will hide, run, slip through opened doors or chew their way out, jump through windows, destroy fences and anything else in an attempt to escape the noise and find what seems to be a safe place.

Try to contain them even more securely than you usually do, especially if you will be out of the home when thunderstorms are expected. Make sure they’re not left outside. Try to leave them in an inner room or crate them if possible. Playing calming music can be helpful.

Most pet stores carry items, such as Rescue Remedy, that can be used to calm a mildly sensitive pet. Or try a Thundershirt, sold locally at Mountain View Vet Hospital. Most of these aids need to be given or put on the pet probably 30 minutes prior to a storm. If your pet is particularly sound sensitive, ask your veterinarian for help.

Be sure your pet is wearing a collar with tags that contain your current contact information. If it has a tendency to run away, please consider having it microchipped, and be sure you keep your contact information current. We’ll then be able to call you if your lost pet ends up at the shelter.

Every year we receive a large number of runaway pets at the shelter, especially right after the Fourth of July or big storms. If you lose your pet, be sure to call the shelter at 674-7694, and leave a detailed description. We may have it or know where it is. If you find a lost pet within city limits, call Animal Control at 672-2413. Otherwise, call the shelter and leave a detailed description of the animal as well as your contact information. The owners might have filed a lost pet report with us.


Cel Hope is the executive director of the Sheridan Dog & Cat Shelter.


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