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Susan and I are back after 10-plus days of celebrating the birthdays of children and grandchildren in Colorado. Son William Woody, who is the first Bob and Tana Bradley grandchild, turned 34; his son, Wilson Stephen Woody, turned 5 — a “handful.” Literally. It (time) goes by fast, as they say.

While there, we shared some of Sheridan’s uniqueness – foods from Legerski Sausage Company. We handed out samples of Jimmy Legerski’s chorizo, Italian and Polish sausage and beer sticks to friends and family. The independent judgment from 586 miles away — bring more next time. They sang the praises for days, in fact.

Jimmy’s sausage won the two top prizes in the Wyoming and Colorado Meat Processors Association contest in Laramie last month. The company dates to 1927. It was the first time Jimmy has entered the contest. He worked with his uncle, George Legerski, from 2000 to 2012 perfecting and adhering to the award-winning (and tasty) recipe which was documented and formally established with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture in 1963. It’s certainly a family tradition with a loyal customer base that frequents his store on N. Main.

“I’ve known for a long time that we have good sausage,” he told the Press. “I hear it from customers all the time.”

Now he’s got a fan base in Montrose County, Colo.

Good stuff, this.




Now that the baseball season is underway……..

Facebook examined the 30 major league franchises by the number of “likes” on team pages. Wyoming and Colorado, of course, lean to the Colorado Rockies, solid purple on the Facebook map. The number one team, fan wise? It’s the New York Yankees. Besides New York, they’re tops in Montana, New Mexico, Alaska, North Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Nebraska, Florida, Hawaii and Utah. From sea to shining sea.

Before we left on our trip to Colorado, I wrote a column listing names of local fans and “their” teams for Opening Day. Unknowingly, I left off Sheridan resident Mary Dowling, who called and left a message about not mentioning “my Yankees.” She’s been a fan since “Joe DiMaggio.”

Mary’s a gamer. So much so, that when her son Michael was about to be born she told her doctor to postpone the delivery a day so that he would have the same birthdate at her favorite player, Mickey Mantle. (Oct. 20.) She lists Joe D., The Mick, Yogi, Thurman Munson as her favorite players and currently, Derek Jeter. Son Michael took his mother to see the Yankees play the Rockies in an inter-league game last year. Her husband, the late Jim Dowling, was at one time the Wyoming state president for the Jaycees, active in the local group as well. Once in the 1950s, they were treated to a couple of games in Kansas City where they watched the A’s take on the Red Sox with Ted Williams. Sitting a few rows over at the game: former president Harry Truman.

“I just love baseball,” she told me Monday afternoon. “I like the Rockies alright, but the Yankees are my team. Whenever they won a game, I baked.”

That’s a lot of pastry.


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