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Re: Tech Center, Aug. 20


In May, Forward Sheridan formally endorsed Sheridan College’s general obligation bond proposal. Our board of directors and investors have campaigned for the proposal. Our endorsement of this bond and the support of this initiative is focused on two perspectives.

First and most importantly, the renovation and construction of approximately 27,000 square feet of facility for core technology education and industry training center is needed to support our local business ventures as well as to provide a competent workforce to meet emerging demand in the trades. Simple and direct — industry demand and appropriate educational tools address this demand.

Secondly, the construction of these facilities will add value to the community investment at Sheridan College. This investment in bricks and mortar is a foundation for program expansion and growth. As an example, the renovation of a focused training center will positively impact the existing business training needs as well as provide another tool for Forward Sheridan’s core objectives to expand and recruit new business opportunities. Sheridan College has a demonstrated and proven track record of focused training success. This is why we support this initiative.

Forward Sheridan views this bond request as a clear commitment to our community and to the educational foundation that is needed to prosper economically in a very competitive world. We urge your support of the Sheridan College general bond issue. Please vote in favor of this initiative Aug. 20.


Anthony Spiegelberg, chairman

Forward Sheridan Board of Directors



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