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SHERIDAN — A former Sheridan probation and parole officer has accepted a plea agreement with the 4th Judicial District Court that would keep him from serving time for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a woman he had supervised.

Chris Yager signed an agreement Wednesday to serve two years of supervised probation in lieu of one and a half to three years in prison. The plea agreement, though, depends largely on the court’s ruling regarding a motion to dismiss filed by Yager. If the court rules in favor of Yager’s motion, the charges would be dismissed. If the court does not rule in Yager’s favor, his attorney said, the defendant has agreed to a “conditional plea of guilty” which would allow Yager to appeal the decision to the Wyoming Supreme Court. A hearing for the motion to dismiss has not yet been set.

Yager initially pleaded not guilty to the felony charge of sexual assault in the third degree. He was charged last August after a female he formerly supervised came forward and indicated she had a five-month sexual relationship with Yager, who had previously been her probation officer.

Wyoming law prohibits romantic relationships between parole officers and their charges even for a time after the supervisory period ends.

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