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Life’s mysteries: Why is it the first pull on the cord for drapes and curtains is always the wrong one?


The Food Group — community feeding children — will have a fundraiser at the Sheridan College Golden Dome on Friday starting at 5:30 p.m.

Tacos from Sheridan’s Taco John’s will be featured and The Craft Brothers will be providing the good music, beginning at 7 p.m. Donations at the door will benefit the organization.


From the Random-Act-of-Kindness, file……..
Eyvonne B. Cotton of Sheridan reports how she was home from church earlier this month and was trying to move a “misplaced” rock of great circumstance. She was struggling.

Along came a young man — she thinks his name was Kevin — who stopped his car, got out and rendered aid, placing the rock where Ms. Cotton wanted it.

“Your mother can be so proud of you,” she writes in a note to The Press. “Your bright smile and kindness in your heart will do you well in life!”


Some baseball, since it’s spring training……
So what do old geezers talk about? The old days. Don Zimmer, 82, and Yogi Berra, 87, are familiar faces around the baseball camps. “I always tell Yogi, ‘Jackie was safe. Why don’t you admit it?'” Zimmer told The New York Times.

“He was out!” Yogi barks in reply. It’s in reference to the 1955 World Series when Jackie Robinson stole home, and Yogi, as the Yankees’ catcher, strongly protested the call, one of the oft-repeated film clips of the game’s history.

The Notebook followed Yogi once during the Tucson Open years ago. He was a good golfer, breaking 80 in the pro-am and for years carried a single-digit handicap. People have poked fun at Yogi Berra over the years for his simple-minded, Forrest Gump-like observations. Yet Berra was a three-time MVP, Hall of Famer and was considered one of the best clutch hitters ever. He was also shrewd enough to use his World Series checks to buy land in central Florida — which later became Disney World.


Correction of the Week

“In a Sunday Image article about hyaluronic acid, a skin-care ingredient and injectable filler, a physician was quoted as saying that if people change their minds after receiving an injection, there is an anecdote. It should have quoted him as saying there is an antidote.”

— Los Angeles Times


They Said It

“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for 30 years, she served the family nothing by leftovers. The original meal has never been found.”

— Calvin Trillin, author/playwright/journalist

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