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SHERIDAN — A group of Sheridan entrepreneurs is pioneering the untapped realm of local social media marketing. Flood Marketing, LLC, consists of a five-member team with strong Sheridan ties and a new initiative to harness Sheridan’s online economy.

Operations Executive Josh Law, who turns 26 today, said it was his days in Sheridan High School that indoctrinated him into tech culture. His hobby of creating skiing videos with his friends ultimately led him to start his first business, Flood Video. Years later, a chance encounter with a professional already working with social media marketing inspired Law to bring the service to Sheridan.

“I was intrigued by the fact this guy had six different venues he made Facebook pages for and was hired to run them,” Law said, indicating he immediately felt he could be successful with a similar calling.  “I started reading tons of articles and everything I could find about it.”

Law graduated from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural business and came back to Sheridan to try his wings by offering a tech-savvy marketing service in Sheridan with his friend, associate and Account Executive Brady McLean.

One of his most well-known upstart projects is a group on Facebook called Sheridan Upcycle. The page serves as a member-driven online forum to buy, sell and trade goods. To date, the page boasts more than 11,700 members, which is more than half of all people within 25 miles of Sheridan who have a Facebook profile.

“Our first year, it was spending a ton of time trying to make sure (Upcycle) grew into something,” Law said, adding that he and his team still commit time to Upcycle to ensure the site stays functional and relevant. The grassroots movement for local trading has secured regular paid advertisers.

With proven ability to grow a social media site, Flood Marketing has contracted with dozens of businesses to provide social media management services, mobile marketing, web development and multifaceted product branding.

Law’s incorporation of social media and more modernized marketing schemes, including text message hourly specials and corporate social media management show the telltale colors of a young entrepreneur with a head for business. While an untrained eye might shake off the value of a full-time social media manager, Law explains networking websites are only free to businesses who don’t place a value on their time or the time of their employees. He said reaching people where they spend their time may appear casual, but in reality, takes a calculated effort to keep up with the constantly changing climates on the plethora of informal, yet valuable, communication lines of Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.

“What we can do is take all of that and make it work really synergistically.” Law said. “I look at it as like a  funnel where you have e-mail, Facebook, twitter, mobile marketing, and it’s all throwing it to each other and constantly building that brand awareness, and at the end of that funnel is the purchase or more people at an event.”

Law admits that while Flood Marketing could be based anywhere, he chooses Sheridan for the quality of life that can’t be mimicked in a tech-hub metropolis.

“My wife grew up here. I grew up here. I love Sheridan and I love the mountains,” Law explained. “I don’t like traffic and long lines.

“With the internet, you can pretty much do everything. We may not have the fastest internet in the world, but for what we’re doing, it’s fine.” Law said.

In terms of future plans for the LLC, Law said he would like to identify other areas where he can facilitate company needs and build social networks in place to solve problems for businesses.

In addition to McLean, Law’s team includes his brother, Account Manager Jonny Law, Creative Operations Manager Courtney Gifford, and Creative Director Sam Vogel.

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