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Re: SC bond isse


I support the Sheridan College Tech Center, and will vote “yes” on Aug. 20. I write this as a fiscal conservative who has always voted no to raising taxes of any kind.

I’m voting yes because I am a tradesman. I don’t believe that every young person needs a four-year degree — not everyone is suited for that kind of education (not to mention the debt that often accompanies such a degree). For some reason, people tend to look down upon a trade education, and trade jobs in general. But these are the jobs that are not only available in this country, they are in demand. And it’s no longer possible in many of these professions to start at the bottom and work your way up without first being educated in the new technology of the field.

Earning my trade degree allowed me to be self-employed for over 30 years. This country needs people who have the skill set for certain kinds of manual labor (welders, machinists, diesel mechanics, etc.), and we need to respect these jobs and the people who do them.

I have always voted no for any measure that raises taxes, but I will vote yes for this one, because it will allow people to get the training they need, and it will allow them to have a successful career in the trades. The trade jobs are out there, just waiting to be filled. This bond issue will give those people who want those jobs, who will find creativity and pleasure in them, an opportunity they might not otherwise have.


Gordon Peterson


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