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Re: Press story, Aug. 10

Kudos to the organizers and participants of the Farmers Market. What a terrific benefit to our community.

Christina Schmidt’s article stated the Farmers Market began in 2001. Actually, the Farmers Market began over thirty years ago on the parking lot of the First United Methodist Church. In those days, eight congregations (First Christian, First Congregational, First Presbyterian, First United Methodist, Holy Name, Immanuel Lutheran, St. Peter’s, Trinity Lutheran) organized to sell extra garden produce with the idea of giving all of the money raised to hunger programs. In those days, each congregation was able to give around $1,500 to world hunger programs, earned from the sale of garden produce at the Farmers Market, for the ministries of the church. When other community leaders decided to press forward with the city Farmers Market idea, the churches decided it was time to step aside, honored to have encouraged the ideal of healthy eating habits in our community.

Given the Biblical concepts that come to us through the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), we all should give thought to giving a portion of our produce — or income — to assist the poor, the hungry, the downtrodden, the oppressed, the less fortunate, and the sick as an offering to God. After all, when you work close to the land, you know the garden is a gift of the Creator for all of us to share in the blessing of the earth’s abundance.


Doug Goodwin, pastor

First Christian Church



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