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SHERIDAN — Two people from Sheridan are being charged with offenses related to selling marijuana, LSD and other drugs.

Josh Flaharty and Casey Van Haele, both in their early 20s, are charged with the felony of conspiring to deliver a controlled substance, and Flaharty is also charged with felony possession with intent to deliver.

An officer with the Sheridan Police Department conducted a traffic stop and learned there was an existing warrant issued for Flaharty’s arrest.

Police searched the vehicle and found one container and two bags of marijuana, another container of a wax substance also containing THC — the active drug of marijuana, morphine pills to which Flaharty did not have a prescription, paraphernalia and a ledger with seven names of people and dollar amounts listed.

The investigation was turned over to the Department of Criminal Investigation, and a search warrant for Flaharty’s Facebook profile was obtained.

On it, investigators found messages to and from multiple people that appear to arrange drug sales. Some of the messages correspond with people whose names were written down in the notebook recovered in Flaharty’s vehicle.

Messages between Flaharty and Van Haele refer to quads, eights and zips, which are street lingo for measurements of marijuana. The messages also refer to “Dubs,” or marijuana, and different people wanting to buy from them.

One Facebook messenger inquired of Flaharty whether he also sold acid, LSD, and he admitted he did, though he didn’t have any at that time.

Another time, Flaharty had corresponded with a customer that he only had five hits of LSD left to sell, but that he had five sheets he sells for between $100 and $400. The customer inquired whether the “Lucy” would show up on a urinalysis test, and after joking about it, Flaharty assured it would not.

Flaharty also indicated he sold a “zip,” or pound, of marijuana for $350. He also initially told police he obtained the wax containing THC in Colorado, but some evidence suggests Flaharty made it himself.

Another inquiry on Flaharty’s Facebook account refers to “an yayo,” which police believe means cocaine.

Drug deals were arranged to take place at the Holiday gas station on Main Street, Star Audio/Video and Rocky Mountain Discount Sports.

Both Flaharty and Vah Haele voluntarily appeared in Sheridan County Circuit Court and were instructed by Judge Shelley Cundiff to report to the Sheridan County Detention Facility to be booked in and immediately booked out. Further court proceedings have not yet been scheduled, but because the charges are felonies, they will likely be bound over to 4th Judicial District Court.

Each charge carries with it a possible 10 years in prison and $10,000 fine.







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