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Most popular baby names in Wyoming for 2012? According to the Social Security Administration, they are:

• Girls: Emma, Sophia, Madison, Elizabeth, Olivia.
• Boys: Liam, Mason, Logan, William, Wyatt.

How does Wyoming stack up against the rest of the U.S. in naming children in 2012.
The most popular names for babies in the U.S. born last year, according to SSA:

• Boys: Jacob, Mason, Ethan, Noah, William.
• Girls: Sophia, Emma, Isabella, Olivia, Ava


There was a good crowd last Thursday at the unveiling of the sculpture, “Huckleberry Daze,” by Jerry McCellar. It’s part of the Sheridan Public Arts efforts.

Fremont Toyota was hailed, rightly so, for donating $5,000 to complete the purchase effort. It’s the distinctive sculpture at the corner of Main and Burkitt Streets, home of the Downtown Sheridan Association offices.

Mayor Dave Kinskey conducted the unveiling; the Chamber Redcoats did the ribbon cutting to make official. Beth Holsinger did the organizing of the event.

The Sheridan Public Arts Committee was formed in 2001. Former Sheridan mayor Jim Wilson got the ball rolling. Fachon Wilson, former chairperson of the committee, was cited by the mayor for keeping the effort alive and thriving, now with 55 permanent statues, thanks to donations from citizens and local businesses.
They no doubt complement our historic downtown. I was asked last summer on at least three occasions to take photos of visitors with the sculptures. They create buzz and beauty.



Doubly blessed…..
A second restaurant/watering hole is opening soon in Historic Downtown Sheridan. Last week, it was Warehouse 201; this week, it’s Frackelton’s.

Sheridan Media owner Kim Love is opening the place, the former Oliver’s, at the corner of Main Street and Brundage. It’ll feature a similar menu to what patrons have enjoyed in the past, says Kim, and will be welcoming to both native and newcomer.

The big issue in recent years has been the air-conditioning. Inside became quite warm, plus it was difficult to hear others over the din of large fans that were used to circulate the air. That’s all been remedied, he says, as an all-new HVAC system has been installed.

Opening Friday.


And….one more dose of congratulations……Gary Small and the Coyote Brothers were awarded the ‘Best World Music’ award at the 14th annual Native American Music Awards Show at the Seneca Niagara Casino and Events Center in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Small has been cited previously for his songwriting and musicianship, including ‘Rock Album of the Year’ (2007) and ‘Songwriter of the Year’ (2002), among others.


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