Elected officials, 2014 hopefuls attend Reagan Day Dinner

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SHERIDAN— The Sheridan County Republican Party held its annual Reagan Day Dinner Saturday night at the new Thorne Rider Campus Center at Sheridan College.

Some of the notable guests included Sen. Mike Enzi, candidate for U.S. Senate Bryan Miller and Secretary of State candidate Pete Illoway. The keynote speaker was 20-year-old Charlie Kirk who has started a grassroots student movement called Turning Point USA and has been featured on Fox News, CNBC and Fox Business. Turning Point USA was started by Kirk a little over two years ago and now has chapters located mostly on college campuses across all 50 states. The organization’s mission is to educate students through non-partisan debate, dialogue and discussion.

Kirk attends Harper College, and he said a grassroots student movement was necessary to ignite enthusiasm about government in young people.

“I felt that more young people needed to get involved in civic consequences of their actions,” Kirk said. “And I felt that they needed to be more educated on limited government, free-markets and fiscal responsibility.”

Miller, a Sheridan resident, spoke briefly with The Sheridan Press about what he thinks is wrong with the government, and what he hopes to change.

“I think people are in DC way too long, they get ingrained in what they’re doing and they become part of this bigger animal that is out there,” Miller said. “They get caught up in the power and the money. It ends up clouding their judgement and they don’t look at the state anymore.”

The Reagan Day Dinner is an annual fundraiser for the Sheridan County Republican Party.

This year more than 20 Republican candidates and current government officials from across the state attended.

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