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For nearly 18 years Wyoming’s senior Sen. Mike Enzi has found comfort in his ability to work behind the scenes. So far behind the scene, in fact, that the good people who elected him to office may be hard-pressed to recite any notable piece of legislation that Enzi has authored.

One piece of legislation which Sen. Enzi is actually leading the fight on is a bill to tax all Internet sales. “The Marketplace Fairness Act” was written presumably to “level the playing field” for such hard hit donators to his re-election campaign like Wal-Mart and General Motors (84 percent of Sen. Mike Enzi’s campaign donations come from out of state PAC’s: Casper Star Tribune). Enzi feels that it will “allow states to collect taxes that are due” (The Hill July 16, 2014). In reality, it would subject small retailers to such a complex maze of compliance burdens from thousands of state and local tax jurisdictions that many business that aren’t “brick-and-mortar” businesses will be forced to go under.

Put simply, your local Walmart collects just the applicable local/state tax for each transaction. Roger the Wyoming fly shop owner, who sells fishing flies via the Internet, would have to be aware of, and collect all of, the applicable local and state taxes from the sale of each fly sold or face audits and fines. If the cost of the regulation exceeds the value of flies sold, Roger goes out of business.

Enzi has been in Washington long enough; it’s time for a meaningful change.

Bryan Miller a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel from Sheridan has registered to challenge Enzi for his Senate seat in the upcoming primary election.

After patiently waiting for effective representation for the people of Wyoming, Miller has realized that to once again have our voice heard, change must begin at the grassroots level. A finer candidate does not exist. Bryan is knowledgeable, honest, hardworking and will lead from the front, not from behind.

“If you want things to change in Washington, you can’t keep sending the same people back and expecting things to change.”

To learn more about Bryan: www.bryanmiller4senate.com.


Shannon Ewing


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