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Re: Some voters understand

Young men and women of Sheridan County, please do not take the results of the recent bond election personally. Don’t let it concern you that only one-third of the registered voters bothered to cast a ballot over something that could directly affect your future livelihoods.

Don’t have second thoughts about the fact that most people aren’t willing to pay $4.79 (with the average home in Sheridan county being valued at $229,000) per year to help you learn a trade and find gainful employment.

Don’t be dismayed that people don’t realize that the future of Sheridan County depends upon the young men and women of today, nor that so many of them have a “What’s the matter with young folks today?” attitude.

Take solace in the fact that there’s one voter who grew up in a school district with derelict facilities in dire need of expansion and modernization, but year after year bond elections to remedy the situation were voted down — and that voter understands how you must feel over the results of this election.

Take courage that there’s at least one citizen in Sheridan county who knows how it feels to realize that most of the voting population of Sheridan County isn’t willing to sacrifice one small fast-food meal per year for your betterment.

And let us hope that, in the future, the adults of Sheridan county will find a way to improve upon the facilities available to advance your education, careers and lives.


Lucky Lambdin.



By |August 23rd, 2013|

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