Dog attack ends in multiple injuries

SHERIDAN — Three bystanders broke up a bloody dog attack Monday morning that left a dog and at least two people injured in the 800 block of Olympus Drive.

Sheridan Police Lt. Chris Dahmke said a woman was walking her yellow Labrador at 6:17 a.m. when two dogs, a Pit Bull and a Mastiff, charged into the street and attacked her leashed dog.

Neighbor Erin Largent heard the woman’s cries for help, and assisted two men in breaking up the fight using deterrent spray and a tree branch to beat off the attacking dogs.

Two Sheridan police officers later responded to the incident and issued a vicious dog citation to the owner of the attacking dogs.

Dahmke said the owner of the yellow lab that was attacked was also bitten and scratched and later sought medical care.

See the full story in Tuesday’s edition of The Sheridan Press.

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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..