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SHERIDAN — The Sheridan County School District 2 Board of Trustees on Tuesday voted unanimously to approve two action items and heard one informational item that will bring in outside help for the Sheridan High School locker room renovation and the Early Building roof replacement projects.

All three items were presented by Julie Carroll, SCSD2 facilities director.

First, in old business, a request to approve professional services agreements was voted on.

As part of the ongoing project to repair hail damage sustained by the roof of the Early Building, a contract has been negotiated with Malone Belton Abel, a Sheridan based architectural firm, to create construction documents and cost estimates for the repairs.

The document creation by the firm is the next step in getting the repairs started.

The second professional services agreement included in this vote was a contract with TSP Architecture, another Sheridan based architectural firm, to complete the same documents but in relation to the SHS locker room area renovations.

Another action item regarding the locker room project came in new business as Carroll presented a request to advertise for a Construction Manager at Risk.

Carroll said the district typically uses a Design-Bid-Build method for their projects but that a complex project such as this warrants looking at other methods in order to keep within budget.

A Design-Bid-Build method calls for a full project design, including cost estimates, to be by architects and engineers and then placed for construction bidding and the lowest bidder is awarded the entire project.

Carroll stated the three weeks allotted by the D-B-B method to bid out a project often leads to future budget overages with complex projects such as this one, which involves mechanical systems including the hot water boiler plant, because potential risks were unknown to the bidder up front.

On the contrary, a CMAR will bond by contract with the district a Guaranteed Maximum Price, bid out the project in multiple phases as needs are determined, is involved from the initial phases of design and is responsible for the schedule and delivery of the entire project to ensure that budget is kept.

Though the district will have to pay up-front with this method, they will receive back all savings from the GMP.

Carroll said the cost of the CMAR is unknown as they haven’t drafted a proposal yet and the cost will depend on the level of involvement and length of service contracted, though she would estimate it costing five to ten percent of the total project cost in fees.

The third item bringing in outside help was an informational item presented in new business by Carroll to inform the board that she will be submitting an emergency request for funds to the Wyoming School Facilities Commission on April 22.

The emergency funds are needed to begin repairs to the Early Building roof immediately and will be sought with the hope that some of it will be repayed by insurance in the future.

Carroll stated that the district has been waiting for insurance to act on the roof damage since Nov. 26, 2013, after turning to them when they learned the warranty would not cover the damage.

She added the repairs will cost almost $1 million and all major maintenance funds of the district have been pre-committed to their current projects through July of 2015.


Other information items discussed:

• SCSD2 Activities Director Don Julian presented a Winter Sports Report.

• Tyler Julian was recognized for his National Football Foundation Scholar-Athlete Award.

• Tyson Shatto gave a presentation on the history of athletics in Sheridan in conjunction with the current display at the Sheridan County Museum.

• Trustee Hollis Hackman was recognized for his Federal Advocacy Coordinator Award. Hackman was one of two people in the nation to receive the award for his mental health advocacy.

• Resident Scott Lee addressed the board with concern that parents and community members often don’t know what is happening in the school board and in their schools and wants to see more Parent Teacher Organization involvement in the board activities. “We need to bridge the gap between what we receive in terms of information as a community and what actually happens,” he said.

• Superintendent Craig Dougherty gave a capital construction update noting that the interior work of Coffeen Elementary has begun and the project is on target to meet the August 2014 opening date. He also stated he wants to start having discussions about needed improvements to the entire SHS building including fine arts performance advancements.

• Options for the 2015-2016 school calendar were reviewed and will be made available for parents and staff to vote on in the future.

• Trustee Wayne Schatz shared that the board had just returned from the National School Board Association meeting in New Orleans, La., where he attended a session on bullying and they will present their learnings over the next couple months of meetings.


Other action items voted upon:

• Updates to the facility plan to be submitted to the Wyoming School Facilities commission were approved unanimously.

• An approval of policy changes to the employee manual was approved unanimously.

• The acceptance of a donation of $13,000 from the Witzel Family Foundation to Sheridan High School to purchase five new marimbas was approved unanimously.

• Changes to the Elementary Parent-Student Handbooks were approved unanimously.

• The Board meeting schedule for the 2014-2015 school year was approved unanimously.

• After an hour and a half long executive session, the board returned to open meeting to unanimously approved all items discussed including:

1. Letters of Termination to be sent by Dougherty to those staff members not being renewed.

2. The renewal of principal contracts. Trustee Marva Craft recused herself from this vote.

3. The renewal of professional exempt staff contracts. Hackman recused himself from this vote.

4. Renewal of initial contract teacher contracts.

5. Approval of an agreement with the Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Authority.

6. Approval of the revised personnel action report.

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