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It’s good to read about local financial advisor Doug Dewald being named the top guy in his profession for the state of Wyoming by no less than Barron’s magazine. Doug as many know is affiliated with Edward Jones and has been putting people into comfortable retirement plans and helping people with their kids’ college educations in Sheridan for more than 30 years. It is a prestigious honor. Doug and Edward Jones was a FAB Women’s Conference sponsor last year.

(Doug’s a good golfer and with his new well-earned fame, he’ll likely give opponents two shots a side in the coming golf season.)




Movie music…

The “Muscle Shoals sound” is part of American music. Examples: The Allman Brothers Band, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Jimmy Cliff, U2, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Boz Scaggs, Leon Russell and many others. A small recording studio making big music with a vibe that attracted the best talent.

Critics loved the film – “Muscle Shoals” — 97 percent, on the Rotten Tomatoes website; audiences, too: 90 percent. One critic noted how it’s difficult to stay in a seat. Another says it’s a combination of “legendary music, anecdotes and folklore.” Ms. Franklin aptly calls the Muscle Shoals sound: “greasy.”

The film is the presentation for week five at the Sheridan Film Festival. It’s rated PG and has show times at 4:30 and 7:15 p.m. Wednesday at the Centennial Theatre.




Dept. of incidental info……..

• The best-selling cookie in the U.S.?

It’s Oreos. Nabisco launched the product on March 6, 1912, at a Hoboken, N.J., grocer. They’re now sold in 100-plus countries worldwide. The top five countries: U.S., China, Venezuela, Canada, Indonesia.

• In 1921, the Washburn Crosby Co. wanted a personalized response to consumer product questions. So it invented Betty Crocker. Betty because it was viewed as a cheery, all-American name; Crocker, because it was in honor of William Crocker, a company director at the time. Soon, because of the response of the “personalized” letters, a brand name was created.




From the email transom…


Great Truths Adults Have Learned About Life


• Raising teenagers is like nailing Jello to a tree.

• Families are like fudge. Mostly sweet, but with a few nuts.

• Middle age is when you choose your cereal for the fiber and not the toy.






“To remain ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.”


— Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman philosopher/politician/orator, 106 BC-43 BC

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