Dec. Marriages and divorces

Marriage licenses issued and recorded by the Sheridan County Clerk’s Office in December:

• Thomas Albert Vigil, 54, Sheridan and Jennie Lou Lockwood, 52, Sheridan, Dec. 2.

• Gary Vincent Brown, 28, Sheridan and Alannah J’Lyn Wardell, 18, Sheridan, Dec. 2.

• Joseph Kent Heide, 18, Sheridan and Tia Lynn Littlefield, 22, Sheridan, Dec. 2.

• Jeremy Joseph Lasalvia, 38, Buffalo and Terry Moore Ortiz, 51, Buffalo, Dec. 13.

• Ronald Joseph Gacek, 64, Sheridan and Narcisa Kamatani, 52, Sheridan, Dec. 13.

• Antione Lamont Proctor, 26, Billings, Mont., and Kelsey Marie Diaz, 25, Sheridan, Dec. 16.

• Benjamin Socorro Medina, 56, Sheridan and Marie Louise Berry, 44, Sheridan, Dec. 17.

• Charles William Smith, 47, Atchison, Kan., and Melissa Eileen Mathis, 48, Atchinson, Kan., Dec. 23.


Divorces granted in November in 4th Judicial District Court (plaintiff v. defendant):


• Teka Jo Brock v. Phillip V. Atwell, Dec. 5.

• Thomas H. Barrett v. Kolbi Leigh Olson, Dec. 5.

• Gary David Muller v. Shirley Carlat Bedner, Dec. 11.

• Rusty D. Sayer v. Meeghan R. Sayer, Dec. 12.

• Steven C. Edwards v. Doris A. Moeller, Dec. 12.

• Joshuea M. Ahrens v. Tina Ahrens, Dec. 17.

• Susan Ann Handley v. Jesse Arthur Offt, Dec. 17.

• Jenny Leigh Legerski v. Shane Michael Nunn, Dec. 23.


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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..