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Re: U.S., before then U.N.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee heard testimony Nov. 5, hugely weighted for proponents who want the U.S. to submit herself to the United Nations again.

The current threat is called Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Yet not one, no not one person, said we need to improve U.S. law.

They all propose that the U.S. ratification will improve other countries.

Let’s see what happens when the U.S. prostrates herself before a U.N. committee.

Three years ago, for example, the U.N. Human Rights Committee conducted a periodic review of the U.S. Iran chastised us harshly for violence against women; yes Iran! Both China and North Korea blasted us for violence, calling out our law enforcement.

An unbelievable sham!

Not only do we give up sovereignty, which has been fought for and protected by blood of Americans, but we will give up to government rights that should be held by families.

The treaty talks of the “best interests of the child.” Occasionally, the government does need to step in. But if ratified, all parents of special needs children will be subjected to the same treatment as abusers if the government disagrees with their decisions.

Some Senators will tell you that the U.S. has added reservations, understandings, and declarations (RUDs), so don’t worry there will be no problems. Don’t buy that. Even if RUDs were sufficient to protect every conceivable case, in one quiet, fast vote those can go away.

If you value rights of families, call Sen. Barrasso, who supports this treaty 202- 224-6441 and Sen. Enzi 202-224-3424 and ask them to vote no on CRPD.


Jan Loftus



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