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I am writing in reference to the article “God bless you, crazy 100-mile people” written by (Sheridan Press Sports Editor) Brad Estes.

I find the article to be done in poor taste and simply put, an insult to many people. I do not think it is appropriate to label them “crazy 100-mile people.” These athletes, yes I call them athletes, enjoy running, train hard and complete something most of us could only dream about finishing.

Whether it is 100 miles or the 30K, everyone who participated in the Bighorn Mountain trail run accomplished something great.

I take particular offense to the fact that he compared CrossFit to Scientology. Yes, I am one of these so called CrossFitters, but I am wondering when Mr. Estes has set foot in our gym and what he truly knows about Cloud Peak CrossFit.

Our gym is full of amazing athletes who work hard on a daily basis to challenge themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. One of our members just recently finished 21st overall in the regional CrossFit Games held in Kent, Wash., the only female from Wyoming to even be invited to compete, yet this is not a sport?

Cloud Peak CrossFit is more than just a gym, we are a family. The support there is something that I have never received at any other gym and the most cheers are for the person who is last because in our gym, no one is ever left behind.

Cloud Peak CrossFit has changed many lives and continues to do so daily. I truly believe before you are going to criticize or ridicule something, you should have at least tried it or have a little more knowledge. With all due respect, I would challenge you, Mr. Estes, to step around the corner and join us for one week to see what our athletes endure.

The next time you see one of us wearing a CPCF shirt, maybe an apology would be appropriate, especially if it is after 9 p.m.


Brandi Clifton


By |June 28th, 2013|

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